iolytics is a turnkey Industrial Internet-Of-Things (IIoT) solution provider for Industrial Asset Monitoring, Environment/Temperature/Rh Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, Datalogging and other Industrial Automation solutions for Factories, Retail Stores, Smart Cities, Logistics, Warehouse and Cold Storages.

We offer a fully integrated Edge-to-Cloud platform so Enterprises can quickly execute their IoT strategies without long and expensive IT integration projects.

On the edge, our Industrial grade multi-channel Dataloggers seamlessly captures data from most industrial standard sensors, machines and PLC/SCADA systems. This data is then sent to our Cloud platform that analyzes it in real-time to send alerts and notifications for deviations in process parameters.

Our Platform offers extensive Device Management capabilities using which Enterprises can remotely monitor and control all assets from a Command Centre.

Our Cloud based Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solution helps Enterprises draw valuable insights and make faster and smarter decisions.

The iolytics Advantages


Turnkey Industrial IoT solution


Faster roll out of IoT strategies


Monitor assets from Command Centre

Case Studies

Fleet Management and Cold Chain Logistics

Cold Storage Management

Data Centre

Industrial Automation